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Child Protection

Every child has a right to protection from Abuse, Neglect and exploitation, and as adults it is our responsibility to ensure that we build safe spaces for children not just in schools but other public spaces as well.

The United Nations Convention for Rights of Children (UNCRC) has enlisted ‘Right to Protection from abuse violence and neglect’ as one of the four basic rights for children. Child sexual abuse is one aspect that falls in this category. While adults are responsible to ensure that all children get these rights, it is not possible to keep track of a child’s environment all the time. Hence, it is important to equip children with skills that can ensure that they can protect themselves from sexual abuse.

  • For parents, teachers/college students and other adult stakeholders:

Our workshop provides awareness on the issue and help them learn to communicate with their child on such a difficult topic. Also to connect them with resources in their neighbourhood with which they can seek help as and when they need it.

  • Child Protection Policy:

We will also help the school develop a Child Protection Policy (CPP), a document which will outline the reporting process in case of sexual abuse being reported, and will serve as a guideline to help the school act appropriately.

Adarsh Foundation conducted a three-day workshop with college students of Gujarat Vidyapeeth University, Ahmedabad, a University that follows the principles of self-sustenance and simple living laid down by Mahatma Gandhi.

Apart from sensitising and creating awareness about child sexual abuse among the college students so that they can help keep children safe in whatever field they may go into for employment; the aim was also to expose them to alternate gender perspectives and points of view, which results in attitude change towards how one looks at various social issues plaguing the society.