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Early childhood education

All children under the age of 6 years should get access to quality education under the government’s Early Childhood Education schemes. Anganwadis are the starting point for Early Childhood Education for children in India. Adarsh Foundation has adopted anganwadis in Sirohi, Rajasthan, to ensure holistic development of children under the age of 6 years.

Adarsh Anganwadis are a bright and cheerful place, where a child would want to come to learn his early alphabets and numbers.

  • The anganwadi workers are trained in teaching children in the most child-friendly way and are being helped by Adarsh shikshikas to ensure quality education for children in the area. Adarsh shikshikas are additional resource persons provided by Adarsh Foundation to help the anganwadi workers.
  • Adarsh Foundation provides nutritious food supplements to children in these anganwadis, in addition to the mid-day meals, to prevent malnutrition among children.
  • Adarsh Anganwadis use Solar Energy for all their electricity requirements, an effort in reducing our carbon footprint and our commitment to sustainable development.
  • Additional toys and resources like books, nutrition have also been provided to these anganwadis.
  • Each Adarsh Anganwadi now has a parent’s committee which can look at and request for the various needs for the children in these anganwadis. This parents’ committee has between 5-10 parents who have been selected and some have volunteered to become part of these committees.

Immunisation programme for infants and toddlers is conducted at the Adarsh anganwadi. Weight and height of every child in an anganwadi is measured to ensure the child is being given enough nutrition and is not going through malnutrition. Children and parents also take part in celebrations like International Literacy Day, International Day for Protection of Ozone Layer, which not only informs the children and parents about these social issues but also encourages a culture of working together for a cause.