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Special education

Taking the concept of inclusive education to villages, Adarsh Foundation with support from Blind People’s Association, has set up a special education centre at the Smt SS Rathode School, Mahudi, Gandhi Nagar.

Disability attracts a lot of stigma, mostly due to lack of awareness about the issue as well as the facilities available to help those dealing with it. Not only the person who is disabled, but even the family needs to be supported and helped to deal with the situation. Our field workers go door-to-door surveying not only Mahudi but even the nearby villages to find any children with disabilities. Counselling the family and making them aware about the reasons why they should send their child to school, was not an easy task.

Many parents refused to send their children to the school, because it was far from their home and it was difficult to travel. Some parents also talked about the stigma, especially for the girl children, worried that it will affect their future as they may not be able to get them married. There was also fear that these children will be labelled as unstable and the family will be treated wrongly by the villagers.

Amid all these challenges,

  • A total of 80 children have been identified across age groups.
  • These children will be taught through audio-visual medium, with personalised attention to them.
  • Both group and individual activity based learning will happen.
  • In this group, children with learning disabilities like dyslexia or slow learners are also included.