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Emergency Relief

Heavy rains lashed Gujarat and Rajasthan, causing flooding in many areas. Banaskantha, Sirohi, and Jalore bore the brunt of the devastation caused by the floods resulting in loss of life, cattle, shelter, vast agricultural losses, destruction of homes and infrastructure like roads, bridges etc. making many areas in the region inaccessible.

Adarsh Foundation rose to the occasion to help the flood-affected by distributing aid in the form of food packets, blankets, tarpaulin tents and conducting medical camps.

Adarsh Foundation distributed

  • 21,000 food packets in Banaskantha district of Gujarat.
  • Apart from this, 15,000 sukhdi packets, 80,000 pouches of clean drinking water and 3500 milk containers were distributed to all flood affected areas of Gujarat.
  • 300 blankets and 1000 tarpaulin tents in villages near Dhanera, Banaskantha.
  • 25000 food kits in Sirohi and 2000 tents & 500 blankets were also distributed among the flood victims.
  • 10000 food packets were distributed in Jalore. Food packets were also distributed with help of helicopters in the villages of Sanchor , Bhinwal and Raniwada in Jalore district.
  • Adarsh Foundation also held Medical and Eye check-up camps in the flood-affected regions.

Adarsh Foundation has always been active in emergency relief, distributing blankets to remote inaccessible areas during harsh winters, distributing food packets and rations lasting months during floods and other disasters.