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Adarsh Anna Bank

Adarsh Anna Bank is a novel, one of its kind concept, where a person can get ration based on the card that they have been given. The foodgrains are donated by people in the community who want to help marginalised population in their society.

  • The amount of ration allotted is based on the family size, which is verified once a person registers for the services.
  • The Bank is open at three locations in Rajasthan: Sirohi, Abu Road and Udaipur; and distributes grains twice in a week.
  • This Bank also becomes a platform where people can come and talk about issues they are facing.

Many like the young widows in Abu Road have benefitted from the Bank. In Abu Road, due to rampant alcoholism, many new brides are left widows with not much help to manage their lives. Adarsh Anna Bank not only provides them with enough foodgrains to sustain, but also helps them get widow pension, and a platform to discuss the challenges in their lives and put their heads together for solutions.

Distribution of relief material during disasters, blankets during winters, and other materials required by the community around them, is also done through Adarsh Anna Bank.