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Capacity Building

Self-help groups (SHGs) play a major role in alleviating poverty and also empowering the members of the group, giving them economically, politically and socially. Part of the empowerment comes from financial security but to reach there, certain skills need to be developed through capacity building for the proposed business plan, managerial skills to run the SHGs and to ensure maximum profits.

In Sirohi:

  • Adarsh Foundation has helped start 6 SHGs, in the villages of Goyali, Mandwa, Ud, Padiv-Balwantgarh, Rampura and Khambal.
  • The 10-12 women in each SHG are involved mainly in tailoring work.

In Mahudi:

Adarsh Foundation is also helping women in Mahudi village, near Gandhinagar come together and form Self-Help groups (SHGs) for creation of better livelihood opportunities. Most families here are agriculture-based and are heavily dependent on monsoons and natural weather systems for the crops to give a good yield and income. Hence, the SHGs act as an income support for these families.

  • There are four SHGs in Mahudi – Nagneshwari Sakhi Mandal, Krishna Mandal, Nutan Mandal and Ridhi Sidhi Mandal.
  • Each Mandal has between 15-18 women. These women are also mostly into tailoring and embroidery work.

Adarsh Foundation is developing a tailoring cum production centre in Mahudi.